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Frontpage installation instructions


How to install the Opentracker code using Frontpage


The User's Guide for implementation, which covers installation for a variety of html editors using diagrams, is located on our Support page, under downloads. Frontpage instructions are on page 8 of the guide.

With Frontpage there have been isolated cases of very small corruptions that come into play during the cut & paste process. What happened is that when the Opentracker code was cut & pasted, a slightly different (corrupted) version was pasted. For example, in one case a "/" was reversed. Any minor alteration of the code will cause it not to work. Therefore once you have installed the code (the same for every page you wish to track) if you do not see your traffic, this is the reason. Please check the code, once you have cut & pasted to ensure that it is the same.

This has only happened one or two times, but is important to know to prevent any unnecessary frustration.

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