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How to change your credit card info in WorldPay


Howto change Credit card information in Worldpay


To change your card details on your FuturePay agreement:

1. login to the Shopper Management System (SMS) located here
Note: The login information was sent to you in the first email you received from WorldPay.

2. The SMS home page displays a summary statement of your latest FuturePay agreement. Under Customer FuturePay Agreements (near the bottom of the page) you will see a Change Details button. Click on it.
Note: If you have more than one Agreement, click on the Change Details button corresponding to the agreement you want to change.

3. This takes you to the Regular FuturePay Agreement Details page. Click on the Change Card button.
Note: If an agreement has been cancelled, this button is no longer displayed.

4. Change the card details that need to be amended. Note that there is a link from Security Code to explain which number on your card this relates to.

5. Check your entries before clicking the Submit button.

Important Note: If you change the card number, the new number will not be displayed until a payment has been debited from that card.

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